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Are you an Auto Sales Man or Woman?
Do you buy & sell vehicles as a side income?
Do you want to get an edge above other sales people?
If you answered Yes to any of the above questions than you could benefit from your own personal dealer quality auto sales website

We have created Your Auto Sales websites to provide you the ability to have a dealer quality website that allows you to post the autos you choose from the dealership you work at on your own dealership quality website. This gives you an edge. You are able to promote this website to your potential customers for them to browse your inventory through business cards, print ads, social media and more. Communicate to your potential customers with your personal email addresses IE: Have an auto that you want to show someone who may be at work, or an out of town customer. Upload the pics you take directly from your cell phone, and enter the details then direct them to the ad. All communications through the site come directly to you.

5 reasons to use Your Auto Sales websites?

Our sites have many advantages to using your dealerships quality website.
1st. All contacts through the site come directly to you.
2nd.. In today’s market a you need a quality website to stand above other sales people, and this is the quality website you are looking for at a very reasonable price.
3rd… You put the autos from the lot you want to post and sell. Want to show a potential customer a certain auto… Upload the pics and fill out the simple form directly from your cell phone or tablet with internet access. Send them an email from your email address.
4th…. Add listings directly from your cell phone or tablet with internet access.
5th….. If you leave the dealership and go to another, you bring your website and all the customers that you have directed to that site and communicated with along with you to the new location. Just change the dealer location and your customers know how to get a hold of you. I use to be a salesman and I know this is a valuable reason to have your own website and this is the reason we have created Your Auto Sales Websites.


What is a Your Auto Sales Site?

Your Auto Sales website is a software product written in PHP that can we quickly install on our server with a special hosting package to create a your personal Your Auto Sales website.
It comes with a beautiful front site and a powerful admin panel allowing you to post new listings, manage the different configuration options and settings and the website structure and content.


  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) front end design using the bootstrap css library
  • Multi-language site with possibility to load more languages on the site and let the site visitors choose the language they prefer
  • Home slider showing the featured listings and special offers
  • Search form allowing to search the listings by make, model, year, price, fuel type, transmission, exterior color, body style and others
  • Functionality to create new fields for the vehicle listings and the different vehicle types from the admin panel – the new fields show automatically on the front end and search forms and also in the forms for posting new listings
  • Email Alerts – functionality allowing the website visitors to create email alerts and be notified when the new vehicle listings matching their search criteria are posted on the site
  • Browse the listings by make and a section to see the latest listings on the home page
  • Functionality to add new vehicle types (instead of the ones coming by default – Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles) and the users to be able to browse and search them after on the main site
  • Listing details page showing the full information for the vehicle with its description, features, photo gallery etc.
  • Form for recommending the listing to a friend or share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Functionality to contact the dealer and send him questions about the vehicle
  • News page showing the latest news on the site and allowing the administrator to post news from the admin panel
  • Frequently asked questions functionality allowing the administrator to create a page on the site with frequently asked questions and their answers
  • Contact page for contacting the site owner / administrator

Responsive Layout (Front Site & Admin Panel)


Your Auto Sales Site comes with a responsive layout and templates – adapting to any screen size (including tablets, smartphones etc.) for both the front site and administration panel. Responsive design has never been so important for those looking to optimize their online content and reach new users, since today up to 40% of the web traffic comes from tablets and mobile devices.

Advanced & Easy to use administration panel


We designed the administration panel coming with the software to be as fast and easy to use, as possible. The pages load quickly with no reloading (using AJAX technology) and the menus and different features are easy to find.
The administration panel can be also easily customized by for example dragging selected pages from the main menu to the dashboard, to create shortcuts to the most frequently used pages.

  • Dashboard in the admin panel showing the last posted vehicle listings, chart with statistics information for the new jobs, messages and shortcuts / tiles to the main pages of the administration panel
  • See and reply contact messages received through the main site
  • Page showing a log in report for the admin panel and different administrator users
  • Page for changing the admin panel password
  • See the car listings on the site, edit them, activate or deactivate or delete them
  • Create custom fields for the job ads from the admin panel (which will show then automatically on the pages for posting jobs and job details page on the main site)
  • Edit the website pages content with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Modify the main site page names, meta tags like title, meta description and keywords and other settings
  • Add new pages to the site (the new pages show up automatically in the main menu)
  • Edit the profile and your contact information, set the dealership name, address, phone etc.
  • Modify the website logo from the admin panel
  • Set a google map with the dealerhip location
  • Post new car listings on the site directly from your cell phone or tablet with internet access.
  • Create new forms on the website like contact forms and others, add custom fields in them and make them show on selected website pages
  • Send newsletter to the website used subscribed for it
  • Manage the vehicle types on the site, create new vehicle types
  • Set the makes and models separately for each vehicle type
  • Add new custom fields for selected vehicle types, manage their features
  • Change the pages hierarchy by making a main page a sub page of another etc.
  • Manage separately the site content for the different languages
  • Set custom extensions (php files with custom code) to be executed for selected page – can be used to expand the functionality of the website pages
  • Delete or deactivate the pages or make them show only in the bottom menu of the website
  • Edit the template of the main site and template used for the job seeker and employer admin panels
  • Edit the available language versions on the site and add new languages
  • Edit the different configuration settings on the site like the date format, currency, time zone and others
  • See statistics information for the site or integrate easily with¬†Visit Analytics¬†for detailed web reports about the site visits

Plenty of Features Coming by Default

Your new site comes with many other features integrated by default like Google Maps integration with the Geocoding API, functionality to share the listings on social networks, email alerts – create an email alert to be notified when a new listing meeting the search criteria is posted and many others.